I am a self taught artist from Leeds UK, specialising in portraits.
From a young age drawing was always a passion for me, however I never had the confidence to show my work to anyone other than family and a few friends.
At 17, I decided to have a go at an art college course, but quit after a few weeks as sadly portraiture wasn’t an option, and as much as I love mushrooms, drawing vegetables was not what I had imagined! I turned my part time retail job into full time and put my dream to the back of my mind.
After nearly 10 years, In 2019 a friend asked me to draw a portrait to be given as a gift, and using pencil/graphite, I have been working hard to create realistic portraits since! Initially my work was based on my biggest passion, music. However, my subject range quickly grew into other areas such as football, boxing, and animal portraits.  
If you would like to view some of my previous artwork, please click below;
You can find updates of what I'm up to and currently working on, on Social Media on the links at the bottom of the site.
Thank you!
 Loz x